500,000 Masks in 5 Days Initiative
500,000 Masks in 5 Days Initiative
500,000 Masks in 5 Days Initiative

500,000 Masks in 5 Days Initiative

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Thank you for contributing to the 500,000 Masks in 5 Days Initiative. Our goal is to purchase up to 500,000 masks to cover as many of our country's front line medical staff as possible. We will do all the heavy lifting and coordinating. If you can help us fund as many as possible, together we can make a BIG difference.

How it's working:

Our production manufacturers have access to thousands of masks. Only $0.50 covers a surgical mask and shipping to our medical contacts all over the country. We will be working with personal contacts as well as GETUSPPE.org to connect with medical professionals to disperse the masks. 

PLUS, all product orders from this store will be matched with a free 5 mask donation!

What type of masks are they? 

These are not the N95 masks; however, they are disposable surgical masks, which are the second preferred mask as they offer a significant degree of protection against droplets with SARS-CoV-2. We have spoken with several nurses and they have indicated these masks are very helpful. 

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 * PLEASE NOTE - We are not selling masks for personal use. We are raising money to purchase masks for our healthcare frontline -  specifically in Trauma and Emergency Departments.



How can we get surgical masks and hospitals can’t?

- We can't speak for all hospitals, but based on our research and contacts many hospitals primarily purchase from pre-approved vendors/suppliers. If their vendors don’t have enough masks then more often than not, hospitals can’t get them in a timely manner. We’ve cut out the middle man and are going straight through our manufacturer (who we’ve worked with for years) who can get them produced. So while other people are using the same pool of resources. We are going straight to the source.

How can I get masks?

- We are totally willing to share our contact with people but it’s not for small personal orders. Typically, masks have to be ordered in quantities of 50k or more. Email hello@tolittlearrows.com for the contact.

How will they be distributed?

We are working with an organization called GETUSPPE.org they are identifying hot spot hospitals all over the country. We will be directly shipping the masks to the contacts in those locations. 

What does the $.50 cover?

The $.50 per mask covers the cost of the mask, taxes/duties/cc fees, and shipping directly to the hospital contacts. 


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